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The Deck of Cards Magic Workshops


I'm sure - nearly all children know a card trick or wish they knew one.


Here they will learn some great card tricks they can practise and show off to their friends and family - all they require is a Deck of Cards, which i am happy to supply at The Deck of Cards Magic Workshop.


Again, 16 children is the ideal number for an hour's magic workshop - but can extend the time if required for larger groups or may have to reduce the amount of effects in the hour workshop.



Magic Workshop Info


Ideal for 16 or less children, happy to accommodate more - but may have to cut down on 'tricks' that will be teaching. If more children then perhaps a longer time may be best.


After a little introduction and a magic demonstration, i show 4 magic effects using everyday objects or easy/cheap to buy if needed.


Something like, a pack or cards (sometimes i use happy family cards), coins, rubber bands or hair bands, string, coins etc


After each demonstration we have a chat to discuss how the children think i achieved the final result, the magical ending - then i teach them the trick.


The second half of the hour is the children practising and performing the effects to their own groups, and if time - some can perform to the entire group

The Magic Workshops are ideal for all venues, just require tables for people to be seated at, like: Schools, Church Halls, Libraries, Community Centres, Scout Huts, Your Home, Hotels - just some popular venues - and, of course, the magic workshops are suitable for all types of occasions such as: after school activities, school fundays, birthdays, children clubs.


ALL Magic Workshops are tailored to suit the age group attending, though are designed for 6years and overs.

(6yrs - 8yrs / 9yrs - 11yrs / 12yrs + overs and Mixed Groups). I also offer Magic Workshops for both Teenagers and Adults.


The Magic Workshops will not make anyone an instant magician - that is down to the students themselves to practise and take it further - but I will certainly provide that stepping stone of a fun introduction to learning and performing magic. However, check out the workshop extras.


The magic workshops are usually 60minutes / 90 minutes / 2hours though offer all day workshops for schools/large groups.


Remember, the magic workshops can be tailored to fit in with what fits in with your plans.


Whatever you require, please call or email to discuss your event in detail.

Tony Junior's Magic Workshops

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